An Aristocracy Novel

Book 1

In 1887 London, Keturah Angland makes front-page news like other seventeen-year-olds cross-stitch. She’s cat burglar royalty with her brother James and they rule all Europe. Of course, they wear masks, so no one knows it’s them. Also, they hate it and would quit, but their crime bosses, the Masters, would sink them to the bottom of the Thames first.

But when the Masters decide to kill millions, Keturah knows she has to stop them. Inconveniently, saving that many lives requires help and she has perfected the skill of trusting no one. Certainly not her childhood friend turned police officer, Tom, who also might be in love with her. And absolutely never Lord Lukas Hastings, whose good looks do not excuse his ill-bred attempts to capture her.

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“They made her. She’ll break them. 

Behind Story

Set in alternate timeline, 1887 Europe, Masters explores what would have happened if history went just a bit differently.

In Masters, the characters live in a world where Princess Charlotte, older cousin to Queen Victoria and original heir to the British throne, didn’t die. Instead, Charlotte became Queen, leaving a very different legacy behind.

A myriad of things, big and small, have changed. One of the biggest is that she prevented the French royals from being restored to power after the downfall of Napoleon. Instead, Europe united into an alliance to protect themselves from future despotic conquerors. This European Alliance rules France collectively and crushingly in 1887.

Interesting Fact: Queen Victoria would never have been born if her cousin, Princess Charlotte, had not died. Princess Charlotte was a favorite among the British people and would have become the next Queen.

But her unexpected death left the British royal family desperately needing a new heir. This lead Queen Victoria’s father to marry her mother. Victoria was born, in part, to replace Charlotte.