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My name is Ellie. And I am a Youtuber that answers your modern-day questions about classic literature and history. 

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Elizabeth Bennet’s Family Tree in Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen Characters Study Guide

Are you ever confused by Elizabeth’s family in Pride and Prejudice? Well, in this post discover exactly how she’s related to Mr. Collins, how old Jane is and much more.

How Lizzy Bennet Traveled: The Anatomy of a Regency Era Post-Chaise

Before trains came into wide usage for long-distance travel in the mid-1800s, people relied on carriages and horses. A popular traveling carriage was called a post-chaise. Jane Austen's works also refer to this carriage as a "chaise and four" meaning a chaise pulled...

How My Kindle Cured My Reading Headaches | Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 2021 Review

I hesitated to buy a Kindle for a very long time to my ruin. At first, I didn't understand why I would need an e-reader. After all, I have a phone and tablet that have great ebook apps. Wouldn't having a device dedicated to electronic books be a redundant waste? Then,...

The Seven Steps of a YouTube Studio Remodel

Ever since I became a full-time YouTuber last year, I've wanted to remodel my studio. It was an ugly yellow color that ruined all attempts at color correcting. The carpet was hideous and full of allergens. The studio desperately cried for help. And I am happy to say,...

Who is Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Top 5 Questions Answered

Today, we'll address a Pride and Prejudice issue of great importance: Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Of course, we're talking about the Jane Austen villain who has made an infamous name for herself in the realm of classic literature characters. But many questions...

My Favorite Study Supplies | Back to School Supplies for College 2021

Back to school season can feel like the ultimate letdown after summer. But at least you get to shop for school supplies and that can smell like new pencils and fresh academic potential.  But what are the best school supplies to buy in 2021? Well, good news. In this...

Is Reading Classic Books a Waste of Time? Maybe

So, is reading classic books a waste of time? Since I'm a classic literature and history YouTuber, you might expect me to say, "No. You should definitely read classics. You're dumb and have horrible taste otherwise. Here's a list of the 100 books all humans should...

Why Is Elizabeth Bennet So Poor? Doweries Explained

How many times in Pride and Prejudice does Mrs. Bennet shriek: "Mr. Bennet, my poor nerves!"? What on earth happened to her nerves? Well, probably lots of things. But foremost on her mind was that she had five single daughters to marry off before their...

The Dashwood Sisters Tell All, None of It Particularly Deep

Published: 2011 Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pages 272 Rating: ★★★ The Plot of The Dashwood Sisters Tell All Ellen Dodge lives in sensible stretch shorts and the cold hard reality that her true love married someone else ten years ago. Mimi Dodge lives in tight pink...

What if Pride and Prejudice Ended Differently? Unequal Affections Book Review

Author: Lara S. Ormiston Published: 2014 Genre: Historical Fiction Pages 353 Rating: ★★★★★ Okay, can I start this review by saying how much I love Unequal Affections? Is that even allowable in the book review world? Because if it isn't, it should be. This book is...

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