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Ellie Dashwood is the author of the Aristocracy Series. She graduated with a degree in English and Communication from Dixie State University in 2010. She lives in Southern Utah with three cats, including a black one who is the queen of the known world.

Favorite Authors & Influences
Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Irene Némirovsky, Shannon Hale, Tasha Alexander

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Why do you write?

I wrote my first book before I could read. I drew the illustrations and then dictated the words for each page to my grandmother. Why? Because I had a story to tell. I needed to share the adventurous saga playing in my head and no lack of literacy would stand in my five-year-old way.

All these years later, nothing has changed. I write because I have a story to share, an image to paint with words and possibilities to explore.

When did you start writing seriously?

Does fanfiction in middle school count as serious? I included all my friends, their book boyfriends, and a good dose of over-the-top melodrama. Of course, since it was about my friends, I had a built-in, enthusiastic audience.

What inspires you?

Everything. Seriously, everything. Books I read, movies I watch, facts I learn, situations I encounter or even think about encountering. For Masters, I had been considering writing a YA series but hadn’t landed on a plot. Then I walked through the room where my mother was watching the opening scenes of “How To Steal A Million.” I stayed for about five minutes and then left to write about a girl who is a cat burglar.

Who is your biggest literary influence?

Jane Austen. She wrote with depth and honesty. She saw people as they are with their hopes, dreams, and desires. Her style and mine are extremely different, but I hope that in spirit I can even slightly approach what she mastered.

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Masters (Aristocracy Book 1)